Beautiful Shopify Development

I’m Robbie, and I do design-forward Shopify development from Brooklyn. Basically, if you have a really beautiful design and want your Shopify site to do the most, we should talk.


I work with all types of clients: tidying experts, PR agencies, hip studios, elegant home goods makers, interior design firms, blockchain startups, international photographers, skillet suppliers, immigration nonprofits, hospitality investors, and more. All are welcome—if you’re nice and you want a really good site, I’d love to work together.


I asked a few people I’ve worked with to put together testimonials, which was embarrassing for all of us, but here’s what they said:

"As a designer, it's a relief when you have a Shopify developer who you know you can always count on; Robbie is most definitely that dev. Robbie is not only a talented developer but he also has a great design eye as well, his work rarely needs correction from the design side. He's a true collaborator and always adds an extra touch to his work that makes the final result looked really polished and unique. Get Robbie if you want your Shopify development done right."

Brooke Qualman, Designer
Brooklyn, New York

"I recently came to Robbie for a project with a fast turnaround. He was quick, easy to communicate with, and went above and beyond what I expected. It was done sooner than expected and I couldn't have done it without him. I'd highly recommend him to anyone in need of work and I look forward to working with him again soon."

Alex Miller, Designer
Brooklyn, New York

"Robbie is that rare case of being both a skilled developer and having an eye for design and the user experience, especially in Shopify development. When a Shopify client requested a last-minute complex watch builder feature, Robbie and I collaborated to figure out the best possible solution – it works perfectly, looks beautiful, and the client was thrilled. And we still managed to launch ahead of schedule. He's the kind of developer you love working with."

Ana Realmuto, Designer
Brooklyn, New York

"Robbie is an absolute dream to work with because he truly has a passion for bringing to life beautiful and cutting edge Shopify experiences. He has helped bring to life some of our most intricate projects that tested the limits of the systems they were built on. However, with every project Robbie was always able to deliver clean code, a beautiful (pixel perfect true to design) front end and a client friendly easy to use back-end that made onboarding a snap.

Additionally, whenever there was a technical issue in the project or a potential milestone blocker I could always count on Robbie to think beyond his code and really help develop solutions to keep us on track. Plus, his solutions were cross-functional and helped other clients in our roster as well.

During my career as a web project manager I have managed dozens of Shopify developers and Robbie is one of the most impressive developers I have worked with. I know he will go on to crush any project he is on!"

Jasmine Hamlette, Project Manager
Brooklyn, New York


If it feels right, reach out.